Webinar: MAM, PIM, WCM&CRM - success factors for consistent customer communication

24.01.2019 Webinar with axians

The modern customer demands a lot from companies on their "customer journey". They want to be able to obtain information, make purchases and provide additional services at all times through the channels relevant to them. The marketing staff of companies have to struggle with many obstacles and problems in order to ensure consistent communication at all relevant touch points at all times.

Based on 3 success factors, expert Nico Rehmann shows possibilities how employees can gain more control over their content. This gives you more time for the important thing - customer care.

Together with our partner axians, our expert Nico Rehmann will give a presentation on MAM, PIM, WCM and CRM.

Click here for the webinar MAM, PIM, WCM & CRM - success factors for consistent customer communication

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