Little interest in Snapchat among marketing professionals

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June 06, 2018

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A recent graphic from Statista shows that hardly any marketing specialists are interested in Snapchat. This means a big marketing problem for the provider!

The survey asked marketing employees which social media channels they use for their marketing strategies. It turned out that hardly anyone included Snapchat in their plan. The messaging service Snapchat is used by 191 million people. Despite everything, the company is now in the red.

What is important with all social networks is their cost-effectiveness in order to maintain their success. Snapchat, however, is currently in last place with its eight percent share of marketing specialists.

In first place is the social media network Facebook with 94% marketing specialists involved.

The second place of this statistic is represented by the image network Instagram with a share of 66%.

Third place is taken by Twitter, followed by LinkedIn, YouTube and Pinterest. The experts see the reason in the target group. While Facebook has 2.2 billion active users of all ages, the other social media channels specialize in specific target groups and areas of interest. While Instagram still has a broad target group, Snapchat is more likely to attract children, teenagers and young adults. This target group does not yet have the budget of a 40-year-old Facebook user. Accordingly, it makes no sense for advertisers and marketing consultants to place expensive ads on such platforms.

On Facebook, in turn, there is a high level of advertising activity, as it can address a particularly large number of people of different ages, budgets and interests. In Facebook and Instagram there are filter bubbles, through which users are only shown posts in their world view. So advertisers also have the possibility to use certain analytics software and tracking tools to precisely crystallize and address their users.

This is exactly what many other services cannot do, which is why they become less attractive. On LinkedIn and Twitter there are also a relatively large number of marketing specialists, which makes it appear to be clear which target group is being targeted. Users who are registered on Twitter and LinkedIn often aspire to a career or are already in the middle of it. In most cases, they already have a solid budget, are modern and aspire to a stronger career. Although it is also a more specific platform, it aims at the right target group.

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