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March 13, 2022

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COYO from Germany, Smarp from Finland and Jubiwee from France now share a common brand: Haiilo Home.


Together, they aim to define employee engagement as Haiilo Home, as the merger makes Haiilo one of the world's largest providers of social intranet software, employee communications and employee engagement. 
Haiilo offers the following products to drive employee engagement. 

  • Haiilo Home: The new social intranet for more participation and engagement 
  • Haiilo Stories: Targeted multi-channel communication for a highly engaged workforce
  • Haiilo Share: employee advocacy for maximum brand awareness 
  • Haiilo Insights: Get surveys and actionable insights across all teams 

Haiilo's strategy aligns very well with our own. We also have great chemistry. In addition, the product is very attractive and easy to use. That's why we have chosen Haiilo for a strategic partnership.  
Nico Rehmann, CEO asioso GmbH  

Source: https://youtu.be/xB2J4F8V6wo

The concept is very exciting for asioso and therefore a partnership is a good way to be able to successfully implement projects in the future, as the trend from the classic content-driven intranet is increasingly moving towards social intranets and employee engagement is also becoming more and more of a focus. 
Together with Haiilo, many exciting projects will follow.  
Further information is available here: >> Information about Haiilo

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