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May 26, 2020

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With our tool you can easily and quickly translate languages with the help of artificial intelligence

The asioso DeepL Translator Module translates entire documents, individual text sections or paragraphs and product data into any language with just a few clicks. In general, any language can be translated into another language. Currently our DeepL Translator offers the following languages: German, English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Russian, Japanese and Chinese (simplified). By using artificial intelligence, the translations are of the highest quality. See for yourself!

"We want to make our customers' work more efficient with this tool and have therefore developed DeepL as a free module for Pimcore." - Goran Stefanovic

What are the applications of the DeepL Translator?

To ensure the highest quality, the DeepL module works with neural networks and artificial intelligence. It is possible to translate whole documents and texts, single modules or bricks into Pimcore as well as content elements. It is also possible to have product data translated into another language.
The following languages can currently be translated with DeepL: German, English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Russian, Japanese and Chinese (simplified) 

How does the DeepL module work?

We use the DeepL API for Pimcore to translate complete documents, individual modules or objects and product data. The API allows the data to be automatically translated into the desired target language. The text-based content is read from the source language in Pimcore and then sent to the DeepL API. All content is then translated into the desired target language and inserted again. The module is implemented as a Symfony Bundle and is available for free in the Pimcore Marketplace, on Github and on Packagist.

What advantages does our module offer?

The module can be installed quickly and easily and configured in Pimcore. Our module also offers favourable conditions (1 Eurocent for 500 characters). You also have full cost control as you can set and monitor your translation limit. Along with the detailed are the constant technical documentations.

What other features does the asioso DeepL Translator offer?

The groundbreaking step is the artificial intelligence or neural networks used in the translations. This increases the quality of the translations with the length of the texts, since the additional information makes it easier to analyze the context. The artificial intelligence enables the translator to find out what the text to be translated is about.

It is possible to upload Word documents and have them translated. In addition, it is advantageous, especially with longer texts, that modules or sections can be translated again individually, in case something went wrong during the translation. This saves time and eliminates the need to have the entire document translated again.
Further information about the module can be found here.
Here you can download the DeepL Translator Module for free from the Pimcore Marketplace

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