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January 22, 2020

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With our highly modern and versatile search engine module Elasticsearch, a multitude of different use cases can be covered.  

Centralized storage offers users an enormous convenience in order to get answers to the searches carried out   But such a modern implementation also requires innovative standards. For example, it is possible for the module to leave existing index codes and add a new one for elastic 6.

How exactly does Elasticsearch work?

With the application it is possible to save documents written in JAVA, Pimcore or any other source in NoSQL format based on Lucene. Each client can not only search, but also add information and documents. They communicate at this point through a RESTful web interface, which makes the search server a real asset. Especially the connection to other applications such as Apache Nutch provides users with many new possibilities, for example to capture content from websites and make it available elsewhere. For example, content can be indexed and prepared according to fixed criteria directly by searching the website.

What exactly has changed?

With version 6 of Elasticsearch, the classic version of Apache Nutch will no longer be compatible. This is mainly due to the fact that Nutch and Solr were developed closely together, so that there was always a version of Nutch made for one of Solr. Further development has stagnated for several years. This may be due to the open-source character of the project. The former advantages of the SOLR text search have already been replaced by other system solutions, which means that Nutch offers its own integrated indexer. At this point Apache Nutch version 1.15 will only be compatible with Elasticsearch 5. Also the current version 1.16 is already released, but only bug fixes.

How can version 6 also be connected?

In order to be able to use the new functionality without any problems, we have adapted the original Indexer codes. In this way, the latest version of Elasticsearch can also be connected to Apache Nutch to benefit from effective text search capabilities. This way, the connection between both programs is maintained without the need for further errors and disturbances after the short adaptation.

Effective analyses through application linkage

In this way Elasticsearch becomes an effective analysis and investigation platform to successfully manage all requirements. So you can focus on your work and do not have to worry about your data. Exactly this is the decisive reason for companies to rely on the services and to cope with different challenges. This means that they can always benefit from effective full-text search and improve the application.

The opportunities of our effective enlargement

Thanks to our expansion, there is no need to do without the connection of the two applications in the future. This means that the two programs can continue to be used together to supplement efficient text searches with the appropriate tools. For users on the website, the service therefore enables them to find all important information quickly and reliably and to access an internal full text search.
To be able to use the numerous advantages of the application yourself, the required files can be downloaded quickly and easily. The package is completely free of charge and can be used quickly and clearly with some Java and Ant know-how. For a scalable and stable search, the open source optimized by our extension is therefore the perfect basis.

Further information on the module.

Here you can download the indexer for free on Github.

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