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May 05, 2020

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In order to stay in touch with employees, customers or business partners even while in the home office, a number of tools are available. Here, primarily the online conference tools are to be presented, with which meetings and discussions can be held over a distance.


The best known and for many the tool of choice when it comes to video telephony is Skype. Almost everyone has it installed and uses it for private purposes anyway. A business version is available. The advantage of Skype is that group video calls are free for up to ten people. For small teams this feature may be enough. Besides the mobile device, desktop and tablet, it can also be accessed via the web, installed on the Amazon Alexa Box and Xbox. Skype is thus a real all-rounder tool and adds contacts from various sources such as Outlook or Facebook on demand. To solve problems on the computer, screen contents of the PC can also be transmitted to the respective conversation partner during a video call. In addition, photos and other content can be shared with the conversation partners during a video call with just a few clicks. Skype works as an app and is optimized for all common operating systems. Furthermore, the video quality can also be set to HD.

Summary of all advantages:

  • Collection of contacts from various sources
  • PC remote access and problem solving
  • Sending files between conversation partners
  • Smartphone apps on all operating systems
  • High video quality

Microsoft Teams 

The Corona crisis makes it possible: The service Microsoft Teams, which is part of Microsoft Office 365, can be used free of charge until January 2021. Microsoft provides the license for companies and individuals in a freemium version. The program offers a chat function, the possibility to hold group meetings and discussions as well as room for team notes and files, which can be accessed by all registered members. Microsoft Teams is a chat-based workspace in Office 365, which we at asioso use to better organize team work. Microsoft Office 365 combines various online services and online applications with a desktop office software. This can be purchased with the help of different service packages depending on the area of application. Core components and very important for our work are office web applications and office software from Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Outlook, just to name a few. From our point of view, Microsoft Teams is the perfect choice to work perfectly with your team in your home office. It combines a variety of possibilities and simplifies the joint work on projects.

Summary of all advantages:

  • Combines communication & team collaboration in one app
  • Completely digital and location-independent
  • Virtual conference table saves travel time, stress and costs
  • Optimized for all device classes, operating systems and mobile devices
  • Wide range of different communication channels
  • Documents can be edited simultaneously
  • Office 365 groups can be transformed into teams with just a few clicks
  • External ones can be added as guests

Test now and install Microsoft Teams.


There is a free version of the video conference tool Zoom, but there are also Pro and Business versions available. Here you register as a single person with your e-mail address. Then you can plan meetings, hold meetings with or without video and share your content with your team members. The versions differ in the number of allowed participants and the time that can be used for group meetings. But Zoom is a popular tool and certainly worth the investment for larger companies. Since there are only 40 minutes available for a larger number of participants and an upgrade is required for a longer duration, we mostly use Microsoft Teams.

Summary of all advantages:

  • Meetings can be held regardless of location
  • High-definition video conferencing in HD
  • Text messages or files can be sent within a meeting
  • Multiple participants can join a conference

Test now and install Zoom.


You can also find different versions of GoToMeeting. The 14-day trial version is free of charge and may be enough if you and your small team are just looking for something to help you get through the Corona crisis. But if you want to use the program for a longer time and with a higher number of participants, you have to pay. With the Pro version larger conferences with up to 250 participants are possible. GoToMeeting also allows text messaging and screen sharing, making collaborative work possible even over distance. External staff and other meeting participants can see the contents of your computer screen and follow your presentation in real time.

Summary of all benefits

  • Participants can share files with each other in real time
  • Presentations and computer screen content can be shared
  • Several users can participate in a meeting at the same time
  • User-friendly and easy to use

Test now and install GoToMeeting.

Tiny Chat 

During your home office time, do you often need to exchange ideas with colleagues in addition to meetings or do you miss the chat next to the coffee machine? Tiny Chat allows registered users to create their own chat room. There you can chat with your group members via messaging system, voice or video chat.

Summary of all advantages

  • no special software is needed
  • no registration necessary
  • Application is free of charge
  • very fast and uncomplicated in handling
  • can also be used on mobile devices when on the move

Try it now and install Tinychat

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