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July 09, 2020

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If you want to be perceived as professional, you must also present yourself professionally. Especially in marketing, it is extremely important to present content that reflects the seriousness and expertise of your company.

Content creation requires a lot of expertise and not only technical skills and equipment, but above all tact and experience. So familiarizing yourself with the complex science of how to inspire your customers takes a lot of time and energy. Therefore it is worthwhile for many companies to pass on the production of the content to specialized professionals.

The most important component of your content marketing: professionally created texts

Of course, videos, image material or audio files are important instruments to attract users' attention online. But the heart of your marketing on the Internet is still the written word. Search engines cannot watch videos or look at photos to tell their users what they will find under the displayed link. Even Google can only work effectively with text! Texts are therefore indispensable for your findability.
So professionally created text is not only important for your users, but also for your visibility. Nevertheless, the reader must always be in the foreground! Because search engines make so-called holistic content rank better. Present your readers with excitingly written texts with well-researched, journalistically written content!
And this is where professional authors come in. You as an entrepreneur develop a natural "business blindness" from the inside view. After all, you cannot look yourself in the face. Authors, on the other hand, have the professional distance to keep their readers in view. Professionals are therefore an important mediator in content production, building bridges between you and your target group!

Tips for working with your content creator

Regardless of whether you have videos, podcasts, images or even the important text content produced outside the company: The more visible you make yourself, the more apt and exciting your helpers can implement your ideas. So your cooperation is in demand! Of course, journalistically prepared content is not comparable to advertising. After all, content marketing is not about getting slogans across, but about creating real added value.
But content marketing has another important aspect: The more tangible the personality of your company is in public, the closer the customer relationship will be. So let your professionals know not only what content you are interested in, but also who your customers are, how you address these customers and what philosophy you represent!

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