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asioso Netz-Spätlese week 13/2017: Digitisation, Amazon, IoT and more...

Amazon, Internet-of-Things, Strawberries as well as Chatbots shaped the week from 27.03.2017 - 02.04.2017 We have researched some interesting contributions for you and compiled them here.

B2B companies invest almost 30% more in marketing:

IoT in the field - asparagus and strawberries flirt with the Internet:,3330297

Daimler CEO Dieter Zetsche: Tesla has freed the electric car from its "muesli image": t3n News

4 practical examples of successful digitisation:,3264261

First names that are (not) suitable for a career:,2604349

The digital transformation will not run away from you. Your customers do:

4. content management web conference:

Amazon Marketing Services: The new force in the online advertising market: t3n News

Report: Oracle reviews acquisition of Accenture:

Amazon plans to enter the German mobile phone business:

Marketing automation: 6 reasons why you can't do without it: t3n News

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