asioso net late vintage KW 16/2017: Internet purchasing, marketing automation, virtual and augmented reality...

The week from 17.04.-23.04.2017 showed up again with different topics: Internet purchasing, marketing automation, virtual and augmented reality (AmPnBsP), and more. We have compiled a review for you.

Why more and more German food from the Internet want

Every entrepreneur must have read this letter from Jeff Bezos
http://t3n.de/news/jeff-bezos-amazon-brief-814806/?utm_source=feedburner t3n

Passenger bloodied: United Airlines reaps Social Media Shitstorm of the Year

Marketing-Automation: Indispensable tool for companies
http://www.contentmanager.de/marketing/marketing-automation-essential tool for companies

What the Pepsi Ad Tells Us About Millennials

Who benefits from digitalization in the factory

asioso Find: Fintech a different way - naked photos as collateral for loans
https://www.asioso.com/en_BA/blog/asioso-found: Fintech times anderss-naked photos-as collateral for taking out a loan-b79

How Emotion and Effort Can Make or Break Your Customer Experience Efforts

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality: Facebook allows reality to merge with virtual elements

United Airlines Incident: You won't learn
http://t3n.ene/news/united-airlines-kommentar-814700/?utm_source=feedburner t3n

Only strategic digitalization pays off

6 Future topics of e-commerce 2017

These 8 trends are currently driving the social media world

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