PIM - Product Information Management

PIM is the abbreviation for Product Information Management (PIM is the centralization of data with the aim of making it available to all departments of a company in a media-neutral, uniform and consistent manner. The data comes from the most diverse creation areas of the company (e.g. ERP, CRM), is standardized and optimized in data quality. Then the data can be used for publication in marketing and the sales channels as well as websites, catalogs and other sales publications.

Advantages are the uniform appearance of the information, fast processing and changes in a single point of information and thus considerable cost savings in administration, provision and data publication.

There are many good systems that can help you implement your business and technical PIM requirements. These can be Commercetools, Pimcore, Stibo STEP or Akeneo PIM 

Please contact us if you have questions about PIM in your company.

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