Pimcore Inspire 2019 - we are there again

asioso will be present again this year at the Pimcore Conference "Pimcore Inspire 2019" in Salzburg.

The biggest Pimcore conference so far is currently taking place in beautiful Salzburg. 280 selected participants are allowed to participate this year and among them is asioso with 5 colleagues for the third time in a row. According to Pimcore there were over 500 registrations this year, but unfortunately not all of them could be considered due to limited capacities. So far we have heard some very inspiring presentations and it is remarkable to see how this single source publishing platform is stirring up the market.
According to Gartner, DXP (Digital Experience Platform) is currently one of the most important topics in managing content and media. Here Pimcore plays with its solution in the same league as the big players like Adobe Experience Manager and co.
As already presented last year by Pimcore, the topic of integrated e-commerce has become more and more important. Coupled with CMS, PIM and DAM, impressive end-to-end customer journeys are created, which completely connect the internal marketing and IT worlds of the company, as well as providing a 360 degree view of the end customer.
Furthermore, this system already offers an integrated Content as a Service concept which can play out content in a platform-neutral way, so that the most diverse channels can be served.
"We are impressed every time how Pimcore has developed over the years. A vision has become reality and the success proves this company right. Pimcore plays in the first league and has been on the list of various Gartner analysts for a long time. We are very happy that we have recognized the potential of this system and have bet on this horse very early", says Goran Stefanovic COO of asioso.

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