Topicality in Content-Marketing: Make yourself visible with news!

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July 16, 2020

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Simply building a company website in a one-off action and putting it online would be easy, but it would have nothing to do with content marketing. After all, the purpose of content marketing is to generate new, organic traffic again and again.

The pure findability is not enough for customers who already know your company anyway. Fresh content is needed to make your web presence attractive. You will not only inspire your followers, but also search engines! Offering up-to-date content on a regular basis sets off an upward spiral that will always attract many visitors to your site!

Why is up-to-date content so important?

Good content must be created primarily for readers, not for search engines, that much has been clear for a long time. So readers should also decide which content is produced. But how do you find out what interests your readers? As a company you know your target group. Use this knowledge to connect current trends with your specific topic! Because this way your potential customers will always have a reason to return and pay attention to you. This promotes a basis of trust and turns readers into paying customers.
Another advantage of constantly new content is the so-called "warm traffic". To be successful online, you need to be constantly present. However, posting the same content on your social media pages over and over again is more likely to result in you losing followers. New content, on the other hand, can be promoted on all your channels to gain new visibility again and again. The algorithms of social media portals also prefer regular posts. For Google, content freshness is not only attractive when it comes to the topicality of the topics. Search engines also observe whether a website is regularly maintained and provided with new content. So you will have a positive influence on your ranking if you regularly add new content!

Find and produce current topics

You don't have to be a fashion blogger or "gossip reporter" to find topics for fresh content at any time. In every industry you can find news that is interesting for your customers, you are the expert! Use the change of seasons, festivals and holidays, lifestyle trends or the latest world events to adapt your storytelling to your industry again and again! In the next part of our series on content marketing, we will deal with the topic of content recycling to make your content mix varied!

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