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April 12, 2022

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Being an intranet doesn't come easy. Despite all the efforts to establish itself as a social network within companies and as a source of information, it always gets a bad reputation. But it doesn't have to be! This article shows 5 tips on how to get the intranet out of the drawer and polish it up - with concrete benefits that result in practice. 

Tip 1: current news for employees 

Whether it's corporate news, relevant information, or local news that affects employees: The intranet can be an excellent channel for communicating such news. This way, all employees are reached simultaneously and kept up to date. So instead of flooding employees with mails, why not simply create an entry on the intranet? This saves time and resources. 


Tip 2: Promote communication

It makes sense that the intranet serves as a central location for important information. But it can do more than that! With great data security, employees can chat with each other or in groups to share important information. Instant messaging applications over the intranet can also be used to communicate confidential data without raising privacy concerns. And instead of writing long e-mails, a short chat message is often all that is needed. Especially when colleagues don't see each other in person or work on a time-shifted basis. 

Tip 3: Scheduling Company Appointments 

It is not always easy for employees to get an overview of which appointments are taking place in the company and when. In particular, employees in the field who are often on the road may not always notice when new events are scheduled. As a result, appointments can quickly be overlooked or forgotten. Via the intranet, information can be sent efficiently and centrally to all (affected) employees; with integrated calendar functions, the appointments are also entered immediately. The registration and deregistration of events can also be easily implemented from a technical point of view  

Tip 4: Network colleagues 

The social intranet offers a good platform for networking among colleagues. Similar to social networks, employees can create profiles and be found by colleagues. This gives names and phone numbers a face for other colleagues. It is also conceivable to "enrich" personal data to include interests, hobbies or private photos. This gives the intranet a very personal touch. 

Tip 5: Centralize services 

Even very practical applications for everyday work can be intuitively integrated into the intranet. For example, employees can record their working hours centrally here or submit vacation requests. Coordinating and publishing shift schedules is also straightforward - even for employees who are not in the office every day. Digitized sickness notifications are also a topic that can be easily managed with the intranet. Last but not least, employee surveys can also be easily displayed in this way. 


A good intranet is a living network. This life is not only promoted by information, but especially by functions. Some of these functions can promote communication, better schedule appointments, network colleagues or centralize important applications. As a result, the intranet can be designed so that employees enjoy using it. 

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