The future of quantum computing in digital marketing

To conclude the blog series, we look back at the articles on quantum computing with this conclusion.

Marketing and especially digital marketing are disciplines that have been subject to constant change from the very beginning. Only those who can adapt to the latest possibilities and circumstances as quickly as possible can reach potential customers in the best possible and most effective way. And so companies that can work fastest with new technologies will probably benefit in the future as well. 
Current quantum computers are still prototypes. They are currently used mainly to provide theoretical and practical proof of their functionality and operation. They are not yet entrusted with solving real practical problems. Before that, some difficulties with the stability and accuracy of the devices still need to be resolved. In addition, manufacturers still need to scale the amount of qubits significantly to obtain functional, high-performance quantum computers. 
How long these processes will take is difficult to predict. However, research into quantum computing has made considerable progress in the last ten years. In another five to ten years, therefore, corporations such as Google could be using the first quantum computers on a large scale for commercial purposes and calculations. 
But even then, quantum computing is still in its infancy, comparable to the first classical computers that could only perform simple calculations. To unleash the full potential of the new computers, much more work will probably be needed. This includes the development of suitable programming methods and software optimized for quantum computers. Therefore, the possibilities of quantum computing are likely to increase steadily within the next few decades. Data analytics and simulations for digital marketing are thus likely to keep improving during this time. Responsible parties should start preparing now to integrate these processes into their workflows. 


Here you can see the whole blog series "How quantum computers will revolutionize digital marketing".

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