Quantum Computing in Digital Marketing - Web Analytics and Search Engine Marketing

This article looks at how quantum computing can change and improve web analytics and search engine marketing.

Web Analytics - Unlimited possibilities thanks to quantum computing?

Unfortunately, much of the data that companies already collect today is hardly ever used. While storing it is not a problem, processing it would take up too many resources or is simply not possible with today's computers. Quantum Computer are at the Evaluation of large amounts of data and many variables much more powerful due to their design. This concerns both the pattern recognition as well as the predictive capability.

It is entirely conceivable that companies could use the computing power enhanced by quantum computing to customer journey of their customers even better manipulate can. In this context, the machine learning probably play an important role: artificial intelligences learn the relevant patterns from a multitude of sample data and learn to interact accordingly.

In practice, this could look like a system measuring the dwell time on different pages of a web shop and other custom parameters in combination with superimposed messages and hints. At the same time, it evaluates which combinations have led to successful completions. If the artificial intelligence is sufficiently trained, it can subsequently take measures tailored to the user profile, in order to Increase conversion rate.

Such complex machine learning processes would currently still require far too long learning times and would not be able to process enough data for effective action. Quantum computers, however, could bring such systems within reach. The multifactorial analyses can of course be used in numerous other ways in the Digital marketing use. In any case, can artificial intelligences trained by user data based quantum computing can steer users immediately and at any time with the right incentives in the direction of a purchase conclusion.

It is conceivable, for example, that customers can be guided by their behavior and past purchase decisions in emotional and rational buyers can be divided. Accordingly, the system then provides corresponding properties of the product in the foreground or shows different product pages on. Quantum computing will Individualization of marketing and the customer journey. Online shopping will lose the anonymity that many users perceive as uncomfortable and more personalized


Improved search engine marketing with quantum computing

Since the Group has a own quantum computer constructed, will Google will probably be among the first companies to be able to use this new technology for themselves. Of course, the core business of the versatile provider is still the same, Advertising for companies to switch. With the help of the numerous Google Services and Access to smartphones and Smarthomes, the company can offer a unmanageable amount of user data collect. The generated Profiles are used when it comes to Optimization of search results in the famous search engine goes - which, moreover. targeted ads

With a quantum computer, Google can analyze user data even more accurately and in greater detail. With the large number of profiles Google has access to, this could even mean that forward-looking marketing becomes possible: This allows ads to be placed that users don't even know they need the products yet. In any case, the success of Google Advertising increase even further through even better analyses. Advertising measures in terms of search engine marketing will then become even more effective than they already are - the dream of every person in charge in this sector.

It is probable that Google on the basis of company hardware a head start in matters of search engine marketing optimized by quantum computing will secure. But other suppliers will naturally follow suit over time. At the latest when quantum computers are mass-produced, optimization with them will become standard.


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