FirstSpirit's latest prank: Artificial intelligence to personalize digital content

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September 19, 2017

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Today we are all confronted with countless pieces of information. The information overload makes it increasingly difficult for companies to reach their customers with standardized information.

Anyone who wants to reach the target group must present them with content tailored to their needs. But how does a company manage to do this with as little effort as possible to provide personalized information?

Artificial intelligence as a basis for personalisation

asioso took a look around at the dmexco in Cologne and gained insight into the latest innovative personalization solution from e-Spirit. The FirstSpirit Intelligent Content Engine uses machine learning based on artificial intelligence. The Content Engine evaluates numerous user and behavioral data. Information flows in from a wide variety of internal and external sources, such as live click behavior on the website, data from CRM, geolocation, purchase or interaction history, subscriber status, and even current weather information. In addition, the FirstSpirit Intelligent Content Engine compares the behavior with the actions of other users in similar situations. Thanks to these data-supported analyses, potential customers are presented with information that is precisely tailored to their needs.

Individual target definition and testing options

With the FirstSpirit Intelligent Content Engine, users can also define optimization goals, such as increasing the click-through rate or increasing the order value per customer. The content engine's artificial intelligence takes these goals into account and searches for the best possible solution to achieve them.
A/B and multivariate tests can also be defined. The Intelligent Content Engine identifies the best performing content and variants in order to increase the conversion rate for e.g. landing pages, teasers, retargeting ads, e-mails, navigation, insertions, push and in-app messages.

Individually coordinated communication on all channels - for true omnichannel marketing

Personalization using the FirstSpirit Intelligent Content Engine is consistent across all channels. Customers receive coherent content across all channels, regardless of whether the encounter takes place on the web, mobile, via email, app, digital signs, or even offline. In addition, all personalization requirements can be clearly managed in a single platform, which not only saves costs but also makes work much easier.

FirstSpirit Intelligent Content Engine Conclusion

FirstSpirit Intelligent Content Engine enables customized communication that corresponds to the interests of potential customers and is also played out in the appropriate individual context. Since personalization is based on empirical data and extensive data is evaluated, the Content Engine is expected to be an extremely effective method of personalization.
"With the Intelligent Content Engine, FirstSpirit has provided another major milestone in the improvement of the product," says Nico Rehmann, who has successfully implemented projects with FirstSpirit since 2004.

Do you have questions about personalization or the FirstSpirit Intelligent Content Engine? asioso will be happy to advise you.
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