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asioso Netz-Spätlese KW40/2017: Digital transformation, Alexa in BMW, delivery robot ...

China, Customer Experience, digital Workplace shaped the week of 02.102017 -  08.10.2017. We have researched some interesting contributions for you and compiled them here.

SAP buys IAM for its customer management,3331647

When to kill your project,3562789

Digital transformation: Every second German company without strategy

Messaging App WeChat in China apps/messaging-app-wechat-in-china-10330

Alexa inside: BMW is integrating Amazon's digital assistant into its cars from 2018

7 Technology Trends Shaping the Digital Workplace

Raise Your Customer Experience Game Now to Prepare for the Connected Future future

Study: The next Tech-Titan could come from Europe

China is duplicating German carmakers

Delivery robots should follow postmen at every turn
http://t3n.ene/news/delivery robot-german-post-bot-863662

3 content strategies to tap the full potential of the website

Understanding the Blockchain Marketing Landscape

Managing digital content efficiently Digital Asset Management (DAM) and Media Asset Management (MAM)

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