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asioso net late vintage KW34/2017: Micro campaigns, Android car, chatbots, ...

The week of 21.08.-27.08.2017 showed up with different topics like: Content types, autonomous driving, Facebook and more... We have created a review for you.

Content types in marketing - the right content along the customer journey leads to the goal

Amazon's secret pharmaceutical project 1492: Patient data is the next goal

Artificial Intelligence,3331392

Autonomous driving: The car park of the future

E-commerce in Western Europe will grow annually by 11.3 percent
until 2022

This algorithm recognizes depressive people by their Instagram photos

How micro-campaigns work in the B2B sector

9 tips for chatbots in marketing

USA: Young users are increasingly migrating away from Facebook

Android Auto under test: functions, apps, providers

asioso Net late reading: Outstanding quality. Not too sweet, not too dry and easily digestible. Something for everyone.

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