Better Marketing through Marketing Automation

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August 28, 2017

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When a customer is led to a company using various marketing tools, the coordination between them is crucial. Overly aggressive tactics or conflicting content can have a negative impact on attracting the customer. Marketing Automation aims to eliminate such problems by centrally controlling all marketing activities  

Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation makes it possible to serve different customers and address them on a more personal level. The more individualized the advertising that the customer receives, the more willing the customer is to respond to it. 

After personalized advertising, offers can then be made to the customer in a targeted manner, which he or she is more likely to accept thanks to the preparatory work. 

In order to achieve the best results with Marketing Automation, the necessary data must always be up-to-date and available. A good data structure in the company and a well maintained database with customer information is therefore essential. Once this foundation is in place, it is important to build an individual path for each customer to purchase a product. Here it can be helpful to first create an ideal customer, which should serve as a template for all customers in the database. In this way, the basic structure of the path can be determined and important characteristics of most customers can already be captured. 

Then the paths are personalized according to the platform and the customer. It is important to link suitable products and offers with the customer data from the database. Otherwise money and customers will be lost. The Customer Journey, which guides the customer from the first contact with the company to the purchase decision, can be simplified in this way through Marketing Automation. 

The article published by Nico Rehmann on the Channelpartner site can be read here.

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