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asioso Netz-Spätlese KW29/2017: Marketing, Turbolift, digital printing ...

The week of 10.07.-16.07.2017 was marked by various topics such as: IT security, Google Glass, shopping behaviour and more... We have prepared a review for you.

Why strategy and corporate culture must be in harmony

Wechat in Germany: Secret Chinese revolution at the cash register t3n News

Reality and future: How AI is used in marketing

Merkel is in black: The automotive industry will not survive in its current form

Turbolift becomes reality: Elevator from ThyssenKrupp can change direction

Study: Digitalization pressure endangers IT security of German companies t3n

Why manufacturing companies must become service providers manufacturing companies must become service providers

Google Glass returns as a corporate tool

Amazon has changed the shopping behaviour of Germans

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