Cloud-based brand management

Immerse yourself in the world of brand management with Frontify - your leading platform for managing all brands. As an essential part of the asioso branding strategy, Frontify not only ensures brand consistency across the board, but also strengthens long-term customer relationships by minimizing the workload.


Our modern brand management platform offers innovative solutions that not only centralize digital content, but also build long-term customer relationships. Whether it's simple images and videos, meta and expiration dates, or comprehensive brand guidelines and design templates, Frontify enables efficient management.


Not only do we revolutionize the way you manage your digital assets, but we also facilitate internal collaboration and streamline workflows. Welcome to the future of brand management with Frontify.

The brand management platform from Frontify

  • Strong brand consistency for asioso's customers
  • Frontify offers state-of-the-art brand management solutions that, among other things, make it possible to build long-term customer relationships while minimizing the workload. With the help of the integrative digital asset management platform, all digital content can be centralized and managed - from simple images and videos, meta and expiration dates to brand guidelines and design templates.
  • Facilitate internal collaboration and workflows.

At a glance:

Further information

Digital Asset Management

  • Integrative DAM based on team collaboration and brand guidelines
  • Instead of twelve tools, you only need one platform

Creative, cross-team collaboration


  • Workflows
  • Project overviews
  • The focus is on working together

Design templates

  • Print and digital
  • Create design templates with Sketch or InDesign
  • Promote autonomy with template libraries

Brand guidelines

  • Online guidelines are customizable
  • Typography, colors, tonality, code, etc. can be adapted to your needs
  • Over 40 different content elements


  • Brand platform with the tools you already use
  • Collaboration in teams
  • Example integrations: WordPress, Google Documents, TYPO3, Miro, Figma plugin


  • Insight reports
  • Overview of the brand platform
  • Brand analytics
  • Perform measurements
  • Budget decisions
  • Content marketing decisions
  • Software integration decisions

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