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Customer and User Experience for Web Content Management!

With the ongoing digitalization and merging of the most diverse touchpoints, customer experience is not limited to your own website. This has an impact on the most diverse channels, social networks, platforms and mobile devices. This is why today we speak of Digital Content Management instead of Web Content Management, as the Web is just one channel among many.


Modern content management systems have to do much more today than they did a few years ago. The fast and easy publishing of content is just as important as the ability to reuse content, publish content to a wide variety of channels, and schedule content via editorial schedules. It is also essential that the CMS integrates seamlessly into an existing e-commerce system.


Of course, in the age of the customer, it is absolutely necessary to take into account the customer information from the CRM system to enable a personalized customer experience.


We advise you objectively! We have decades of experience with Content & customer experiences. No matter if strategic, creative, professional or technical. In the past years we have been able to successfully face several problems and challenges.

"Recognizing the problem is more important than recognizing the solution, because the exact representation of the problem leads to the solution."

Albert Einstein

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