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May 11, 2020

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"The digitalization of the working world is currently accelerating rapidly"

Nico Rehmann, our CEO of asioso, was in conversation with Walter Matthias Kunze from trendquest. In his format "Daily Trendtalk", Walter Matthias Kunze regularly talks to experts about various topics  
contents are in this conversation:
  • Home office and the working method in the Corona crisis  
  • The marketing change
  • The transformation of the human pyramid of needs  
  • New digital formats

Here is the video:


In the following we have briefly summarized the topics for you, the whole video can be found above.

Asioso has been working remotely even before the Corona crisis began, because you should be able to do your work from anywhere and independent of location. 
A little tip on socializing in the Corona era: Nico created the format "bits & coffee". Each of the employees has the opportunity to exchange digital information with the others twice a day, once in the morning and once in the afternoon for 10 minutes. This is important in times of crisis, because you no longer have the normal office routine and still keep in touch with your colleagues. Trust must also be a top priority, as you shouldn't constantly check on your employees. Setting fixed appointments and addressing employees who need more support is the right way to go. 
The marketing change itself can be seen for example in Google: no or very few travel ads and generally less advertising. Of course, a lot is being switched to short-time work and companies are reducing their advertising because they spend or save their money elsewhere. But: digitalisation is now more strongly enabled because there are - forcedly - more digital formats.
Now companies have to decide which investments are necessary and which are not. This also shifts the needs pyramid with the question: What do I need? Now it is important that B2B companies like asioso provide security because the need for information has increased enormously. That's why content is all the more important, because the customer journey is getting longer, because people inform themselves more often, more precisely and for longer. The priority is therefore to deliver this information and to create credibility and trust.
It is also certain that new formats will emerge, webinars are booming like never before. Digital event formats will become the talk of the town when trade fairs can no longer be held on site. Customers will therefore have to be informed differently, for example through live product demonstrations on the Internet or "digital fairs". It is also important for companies to decide which channels can now be used to generate links that they may not have thought about before, but which can now become crucial. Another important aspect is that you can learn things now and try them out to gain experience. Even if they are not usable or do not work at the moment, you can still benefit from them in the future. Because as Nico Rehmann said so beautifully: "Knowledge is never built up for nothing."

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