This is why everyone should install a chatbot

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June 01, 2021

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Consumers are benefiting from these little everyday helpers and are becoming more and more involved with this technology.

Facilitating routine tasks and handling multiple user requests simultaneously are the main advantages of a chatbot. The speed of handling user queries with chatbots is tremendous.

Here's how chatbots are transforming the user experience

There are already countless messaging services: WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, etc. This paints a picture for online businesses: Chatbots are essential today. In the digital omnichannel society, it is essential to be available to customers in real time. In the battle for user attention, brands need to stand out to maintain their position in the market. A chatbot designed for this purpose can reduce costs, maximize customer service agents' time, and improve the user experience.  

Chatbots improve customer onboarding

Whenever users need help with a service, they can communicate with a chatbot and solve the problem quickly. Every business owner wants to make online shopping as convenient as possible for their buyers. Most customers visit a website with a specific goal in mind, but many aren't sure exactly what they want. This is where chatbots come into play. Chatbots can encourage consumers to buy by offering on-the-spot assistance, making product recommendations based on previous decisions, or simply helping them through the buying process. In most cases, users don't have to leave the live chat window to complete an order. This is similar to the in-store buying experience. 

Reduced cost of doing business

What business would turn down an easy way to reduce costs? A Messenger chatbot can help in two important ways. Bots automatically qualify leads, reducing operating costs. Simply by asking questions in its natural, conversational style, a chatbot can automatically sort potential customers into categories. For example, it can narrow down which prospects would be a good fit for the products and services it offers. In addition, a bot can improve the return on an ad spend. Say you run a Facebook ad that directs users to the e-commerce store, restaurant menu or agency website. Once the user gets there, they're on their own. If the prospect is instead directed to a chatbot, they receive personalized guidance throughout the sales funnel. The bot can recommend products, answer questions and qualify leads. The result? More conversions and better ROI. 

Chatbots save time

The less employees have to deal with repetitive questions and tasks, the more time they have for value-added projects. That's one of the main benefits in favor of chatbots in customer communications. An intelligent chatbot answers a majority of routine questions immediately and around the clock.  

More conversions and sales

Companies use chatbots to convert prospects into leads and even customers. They pick up prospects where they are and lead them to conversion. A chatbot is particularly suitable for companies that rely on leads for their sales. It's not for nothing that marketing agencies and real estate agents in particular are turning to the bots. Chatbots bring users to the input field via the website or online ads. There, the bot can qualify them and gather contact information in a casual, entertaining way. For example, it can ask about occupation or other data useful to the company. 


A chatbot is a versatile tool that can help with a wide variety of tasks and goals. Chatbots can reduce costs, save time, increase sales, and delight customers. 

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