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March 18, 2021

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It will be several decades before quantum computers are available to everyone. However, prototypes are already running in various research facilities, proving that the theory of quantum computers works in practice. 
The first quantum computers with a few qubits were already created in the 1990s. After the turn of the millennium, researchers were able to make increasing progress with the entanglement of more and more qubits: 
  • In 2001, IBM worked with a quantum computer with 7 qubits. 
  • In 2005, the University of Innsbruck succeeded in entangling 8 qubits 
  • In 2011, the Innsbruck researchers were already working with 14 qubits 
  • In 2015, IBM made access to a quantum processor with 5 qubits available online for the first time 
  • In 2017, the size of the processor was increased to 20 qubits 
  • In 2018, Google unveiled a quantum processor with 72 qubits 

The different types of quantum computers 

Different manufacturers of quantum computers currently often work with different physical and technical approaches. This often makes it difficult to compare the respective models. Anyone wishing to estimate the performance of current quantum computers must always consider not only the number of qubits but also the error rate and the extent to which the individual bits are entangled with each other and can work together. 

Number of qubits
Limitations  Application possibilities 
"Quantum Annealer" 
D-Wave Systems 
Solution of optimization problems with the help of quantum fluctuation 
Qubits are only entangled with each other field by field 
Limited to optimization problems
Universal quantum computer based on superconductors
Entanglement not yet completely successful, need temperatures near zero
All types of quantum software
Universal quantum computer based on superconductors
Condition can not be maintained for a long time yet
All types of quantum software
Topological quantum computer with built-in quantum error correction
Still under development
Elaborate and ambitious goal
All kinds of quantum software and complex computations with low error rate
Universal quantum computer based on superconductors
Available to the public only through the Chinese website  
All types of quantum software
Ion trap quantum computer with moving qubits 
Qubits are very well connected
All types of quantum software

A uniform classification to classify the performance of the different quantum computers is currently also part of the research in this subject area. All processors still suffer from the fact that they are extremely error-prone and can only work in isolation from any environmental influences. There is therefore still a long way to go before a commercial quantum computer is available to everyone. However, many manufacturers are making the computing power of their prototypes available in the lab via the Internet.

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