CaaS Blog Series

Introduction to the topic of Content as a Service

CaaS - what does that actually mean and what should you be aware of?


In the 6-part blog article series on Content as a Service (CaaS) we give you a short introduction to the topic.

Learn what CaaS actually means and why CaaS can help your organization achieve greater flexibility and productivity. To give you more practical experience, we'll then show you application examples, because CaaS is probably also part of your everyday life! In our little CaaS lexicon, we'll clarify a wide variety of terms related to the topic before going into the right CaaS approach. What is the right one for your company - Coupled, Decoupled or headless CMS? We also explain why CaaS influences the editorial process and what new technological possibilities it opens up. Finally, we will explain how you can establish CaaS in your company!

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