Create high-quality translations quickly and easily

Using artificial intelligence Translating languages

DeepL works with neural networks in translation and this results in translations of the highest quality. It is possible to translate individual small modules or texts on the fly or to have entire pages, individual content elements or even product data and similar data objects translated into another language.  

''We want to make our customers' work more efficient with this tool and have therefore developed DeepL as a free module for Pimcore." - Goran Stefanovic 

With DeepL the following languages can currently be translated: 

  • German 
  • English 
  • French 
  • Spanish 
  • Portuguese 
  • Italian 
  • Dutch 
  • Polish 
  • Russian 
  • Japanese 
  • Chinese (simplified) 

If you have any questions or requests concerning the module, we would be pleased to hear from you via contact.

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