asioso Corporate Event 2023: Team spirit in the spotlight

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October 18, 2023

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Finally, the time had come - the long-awaited asioso corporate event recently took place in the enchanting Etno Selo Stanisic in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and it was a complete success! 
This event brought together employees from all of our corporate locations for an inspiring time of fun, educational workshops and intensive team building.  
Our event was themed "Just do it, #simple", and this motto fits perfectly with asioso's philosophy, which aims to do things in a straightforward way. We gathered on the Bosnian-Serbian border not only to share professional experiences, but also to strengthen personal bonds.  
We enjoyed numerous activities, including workshops on technical design, sales and consulting. We took advantage of these opportunities to deepen our knowledge and further our education. In addition, there were team-building activities where we were able to improve our cooperation and communication. The fun factor was not neglected at all - the asioso team celebrated together and enjoyed the unique atmosphere of the hotel complex.  
Our joint cooking session on Friday was a highlight. Different teams were responsible for different tasks: one team took care of the main dishes, another for drinks and side dishes, while another group took care of the decorations to create the right atmosphere.  
The many positive responses from each and every asioso employee demonstrated the importance of such events. tion of the importance of such events to strengthen the team spirit and deepen the bonds between us employees.  
With this extremely successful company event, asioso once again demonstrated its commitment to innovation, teamwork and the continuous development of its employees.  
We are already looking forward to next time - to another great asioso event!

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