Why WordPress is not suitable for large corporate websites

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June 25, 2020

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WordPress is one of the most popular tools for start-ups as well as large companies when it comes to creating websites. But WordPress is not always suitable as a content management system for this purpose and we will tell you in this article in which case you should do without WordPress.

When it comes to the creation of a website, WordPress is a sought-after basis. More than 30% of all websites on the Internet were created with WordPress, which shows the added value and popularity of the content management system. For CMS-based websites, the market share is even 60%. Every day, around 500 more sites are created based on WordPress, enabling both small start-ups and larger companies to independently present their own products and services.
Nevertheless, the world's most popular system cannot be recommended for all applications. In this article we describe why and when this is the case and show the limitations of WordPress 

A gigantic system for your own website 

With WordPress, independently created extensions can be easily shared with other users. Over the years a collection of tens of thousands of plugins has accumulated, which are available to the creator of new pages. The functions that are offered in connection with WordPress for your own website are correspondingly diverse. For the creation of a good site, however, it is not the mass of plugins that counts, but a selection based on one's own goals and expectations. This makes it possible to avoid overloading the system and to positively expand the system by installing new functions 
Plugins like Yoast SEO for example offer an additional security when it comes to optimizing new projects. Besides the general plugins for search engine optimized alignment of new content, the network around WordPress also offers plugins suitable for privacy and security. For the proper integration of cookies, there are numerous options to simplify the creation of a dunning-safe page. Many other plug-ins are offered in the area of performance as well as to improve automatic processes. For example, each operator of a website can choose for himself which functions are relevant.
This article was published by Nico Rehmann in Computerwoche
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