The revolutionary technology of quantum computers

What for a long time sounded like an invention for science fiction films is now becoming reality: scientists all over the world are working on it at full speed, first prototypes of quantum computers and make them marketable. Many experts refer to Quantum Computing as the Technology of the 21st century. One thing is certain: quantum computers will change many areas forever and turn people's lives upside down just as much as the development of digital technologies or the Internet.

The revolutionary technology of quantum computers

The computer with its human lengths superior computing power It is obvious that today it is no longer possible to imagine life without them. They perform complicated arithmetic operations many times over. faster and at the same time more reliable off. With the right programming, they are now also able to, complex tasks to learn. This type of artificial intelligence is particularly useful in the Pattern recognition and optimization of tasks to use.

Quantum Computing is therefore why revolutionarybecause it's the Computing power of computers increases exponentially. Today's processors are basically still based on the same technology as the first computers about 100 years ago: Inside work so-called Bits, which two switching states Based on this, basically simple, technology, computers perform mathematical operations according to the currently active software. The constant Further development of modern computers and their computing power was based primarily on this in the past decades, connect more transistors in series and better Programming techniques to develop.

Quantum Computing on the other hand, takes a completely different approach. Here, scientists are changing the computers' underlying Bits infrastructure. The so-called Quantum bits (qubits) are tiny: they consist of individual ions, electrons or photons. Therefore, the slightly different apply to you Rules of quantum mechanics. You can not only the states 0 and 1but also all areas in between assume. At the same time, the qubits communicate with each other. This allows you to not only one, but several calculation methods at the same time Pursue. Complex mathematical problems that are almost unsolvable for conventional computers because they would require millions of years of computing time can be solved by quantum computers in a matter of minutes.

The Theory of quantum computing goes back to Paul Benioff, who first proposed it in 1980, Quantum mechanics in computers to make use of them. In the 1990s, scientists were already able to produce the first qubits. The current leaders in terms of the first usable quantum computer are IBM and Google. As of the beginning of 2021, both have Systems with about 50 qubits. According to Google, about one million qubits would be needed for commercial use.

Several scientists also claim to have already achieved a number of goals with their systems. Tasks unsolvable for normal computers to have mastered it. However, there is still no consensus on this. There are also still major Stability and accuracy issues

IBM offers online access to the quantum computers in its laboratory. This means that scientists and programmers from all over the world can already experiment with this type of system. At the same time as research on quantum computers is going on, the development of with the special type of calculation processors compatible software. This is mainly created on classical computers, which use the How a quantum computer works simulate. Thus, once quantum processors are ready for the market, suitable applications will not be long in coming.

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