Significance and benefits of Digital Signage

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December 04, 2017

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More and more companies rely on digital signage. But what is behind this term and how can companies benefit from this marketing strategy?

Fast and up-to-date communication

With digital signage, messages can be communicated to customers or even employees via displays and screens of any kind. Basically, all data that is digitally processed and used for marketing or customer communication is considered digital signage. The advantages are obvious: messages can be delivered to the target group quickly, dynamically, interactively and effectively. In contrast to printed products, such as posters, content can be changed here without any problems and can be played out up-to-date at any time.

The possible applications are manifold. Pharmacies can advertise products on displays in shop windows or in the sales room, in the catering trade guests can be informed about the range of products on offer and the railway provides information about departure times and other services. In companies, company- or department-specific content could also be displayed on special monitors, which, among other things, can be read as one passes by. This form of digital information transfer can be used practically everywhere. In addition to texts and images, videos or audio files can also be published.

What are the requirements for the use of digital signage?

First of all, content is required that is to be displayed on the various displays. This can be the latest intranet news, a product or a music video. There are hardly any limits to your creativity. In addition, a content management system should be available in which the contents are entered (AmPnBsP) and through which you control the transfer to the respective output media. In exceptional cases, storage media such as DVDs or USB sticks can also be used. This is the "old" variant of Digital Signage. Nowadays, you should no longer consider a digital signage solution that cannot be easily updated via the Internet (or even an intranet).

Digital advertising and information - Contemporary, cost-effective and sales-promoting

Digital advertising measures are initially more expensive than printed advertising, but the costs balance out relatively quickly because necessary changes simply have to be entered into the system and can be updated immediately without additional costs. Moreover, digital advertising is more likely to attract the attention of those present if it is always up-to-date.

Before deciding to use digital content, companies should ask themselves in advance what content is to be transmitted and for what purpose. Should the recipients of the messages only be informed and if so, what exactly about? Should the turnover be increased or should the own employees be informed?


Digital signage has changed a lot over the years. As an integrated component of a holistic communication concept, it enables completely new shopping experiences, interaction with colleagues, customer-oriented addressing and dialogue at the PoS. However, it is by no means a self-runner. Think about your use cases in which you would like to make use of digital signage solutions. The key to success lies in the experience and added value you want to provide to your target group.

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