Customer Centricity: The customer is king!

In times when customers dominate most markets and can choose between the offerings of many providers, the customer is the big decision maker. Today, the customer has more market power than probably ever before: 

More and more companies are pushing into the same markets with similar products and are facing stiff competition. As the only winner of these competitive battles, the customer can be sure of cheaper products and rapid innovation

Many companies are therefore fundamentally transforming their operations and proclaiming "Customer Centricity" as a new philosophy. This approach aligns all processes in the company in such a way that the customer is the focus of attention. A number of conditions must be met to achieve this. 

First of all, a company should be prepared to collect and analyze a lot of data. The purchasing behaviour of the customers and the company's own process flows can be made manageable and hidden potential can be found. The customer can be persuaded to buy from a particular company with targeted offers. 

In addition, the customer must be provided with relevant information about the company. Offers, discounts, new products: If the customer is not informed, the buying potential is lost immediately. The emphasis here is on relevant data. He does not want to be spammed with irrelevant data. 

The customer should not only passively participate in the company as a buyer. Through appropriately provided content, such as videos or posts in social networks, the customer can build an emotional bond with the company and its products. Here, a content management system is recommended that processes relevant data for the customer and thus creates an individual marketing strategy. 

Customer care and management must play a central role in the company. Customers can be won over more effectively not only with targeted marketing and new offers, but also by reorganizing processes within the company itself. Whereas customer-related activities were previously distributed across several departments such as marketing, sales, or complaint management, customer relationship management should be used to create a central point of contact for all customer-related processes. This prevents silo formation and synergy effects increase productivity. 

Are you interested in the complete technical article published by Nico Rehmann on the Channelpartner site. You can read it here.

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