Challenges in managing remote teams

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May 28, 2020

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If all your employees are suddenly working in the home office, it becomes boring as a boss. You can no longer keep an eye on anyone and you need an appointment to pester them. For choleric bosses, the switch to home office work is a good opportunity to get a grip on themselves. But even the management of remote teams has its pitfalls. These things help you maintain morale and encourage collaboration:

Making Clear Arrangements 

That starts with working hours. Normally, the employer determines the times during which work is done. If no specifications are made for home office work, it is important to at least determine times when employees are available for you as a team manager and for colleagues. Also the tasks that an employee is supposed to take on must be clearly formulated. Many people find it difficult to organize themselves. Setting expectations helps and gives direction. 


Learn to trust your team to get the job done even when you're not required to be there. If the employees feel comfortable in a company, they will also commit themselves and show motivation. Many people are even more productive in their home office or can complete the workload faster  
Schedule regular meetings 
Regular meetings to discuss work progress, problems and goals provide you with an overview of the current situation. It also promotes the exchange between employees and new ideas can be integrated in time 

Strengthening the sense of community  

Employees who feel isolated in the home office do well to be able to communicate with colleagues from time to time or to talk about things that have nothing to do with work. Online chat rooms, for example, can be used for such "casual" meetings of the working group, which take place within a set time window. 

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