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asioso Netz-Spätlese KW48/2017: Web Analytics, Google Language Search and Commerce Trends

Commerce trends, Google language search and web analytics shaped the week of 27.11.2017 -  03.12.2017. We have researched some interesting articles for you and compiled them here.
OK, Google: How to optimize content for language search

IT role model Estonia: What we can learn from the Baltic Republic

2018 Commerce Trends: Separating the Reality From the Hype

The Role Of Emotion In Digital Customer Experiences

Why Web Analytics Are More Important Than Ever

Content without relevance: a king without a crown?

For free Siri alternatives: Mozilla Publishes Huge Set of Voice Data
For Free Siri Alternatives: Mozilla publishes huge set of voice data

The end of the internet as we know it? Net neutrality staggers in the USA and crumbles in Europe

China: The AAA citizens

Study: Online trade in Germany continues to grow

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