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November 15, 2019

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Three wonderful days went for us this year to the team event in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Three wonderful days this year we visited Bosnia and Herzegovina, the tranquil Hajducke Vode National Park (http://hajduckevode.biz/) near Banja Luka for a joint, cross-national team event. A relaxed atmosphere, lots of fun, singing, dancing and workshops on various topics shaped our event very much.

The weather was on our side and so we were lucky to be spoiled with three wonderful and sunny days and to spend them in this breathtaking nature. The surroundings and the hotel offered us many leisure activities so that our team could relax in the pool, spa and sauna or do some sports in the fitness room and on the numerous tracking tracks along the hotel.
Especially funny was our team game, where we divided into individual groups and photographed, documented and presented experiences of the day. In the process, many previously unknown "celebrities" appeared, such as a "Chuck Norric" or the character "Pimthore" (pictures to follow shortly). With some colleagues we even discovered undreamt-of basketball potential and dance talent. Other colleagues made themselves comfortable while splashing in the swimming pool and enjoyed this time out.
Highlight of our event was our first evening, where we slid into the next morning with wonderful selfmade guitar sounds and lots of singing :). Our stay was a little challenge for the  hotel staff, but they said that they had never had such a funny and great troupe before. Of course, we were very pleased about that.

Of course our event was not only "fun". We used the time together very much to discuss many strategic topics, develop methods and set goals productively and as a team. We got to know and understand each other even better  
One thing is for sure: the event has brought us even closer together and we are already looking forward to the next   joint asioso company event in 2020.

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