Advantages and disadvantages of quantum computing in relation to digital marketing

Quantum Computer are often rashly described as revolutionary development, that will change the world. That's only half the truth. In fact, the special computers to achieve unprecedented levels of performance in some areas. However, this is not true for all types of computations. Moreover, quantum computers are always only as good as the software they run - and it's still in its infancy. 

The main advantages and strengths of quantum computers

Used correctly, quantum computers are incredibly fast and effective. They can perform calculations in a few seconds for which today's supercomputers would need decades or even millennia. This fact is also referred to by experts as quantum superiority . For a long time, this was just a theory. In 2019, however, Google's quantum computer protoype was able to perform such a calculation and verify quantum superiority in practice. 
Calculations with quantum computers are particularly promising wherever incredibly complex processes with huge amounts of data are to be analyzed or simulated. In addition to digital marketing, the natural science disciplines in particular see great potential here. Quantum computers could contribute to a better and more detailed understanding of the interaction of individual particles, elements and the processes in living cells. But there are also potential applications in medicine. 
Most of all, researchers hope that quantum computers will take artificial intelligences (AI) a big step forward. These could then safely and reliably take over tasks such as data evaluation or forecasting in the future. 

Caution: The new technology has these disadvantages and weaknesses

Current quantum computers are largely prototypes that are still bulky, complicated and expensive . At the same time, they still have many teething problems that their developers have not yet been able to fully address. The entanglement of many qubits at once is currently just as difficult as maintaining the necessary state for quantum operations. At the same time, the developers of the systems are struggling with an error ratethat is still far too high (AmPnBsP);
But even if quantum computers were perfect at some point, they would not only have advantages. Due to their incomparable computing power, all currently used encryption mechanisms would be useless from one day to the next. Secure communication or any kind of transaction over the internet could be cracked and the data misused or resold . Even many cryptocurrencies would no longer be secure and anonymous. To prevent this from happening, researchers are already working on so-called post-quantum cryptography. With new methods, secure communication should also be possible in the future.


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