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Imagine a world in which your colleagues from the editorial department can work efficiently without being annoyed that something is not working again. A world in which the editorial staff has complete control over the content, no matter which channel it is intended for and on which  touchpoints it is published.


You work hand in hand with other (AmPnBsP) colleagues, other locations and other languages on the same content (AmPnBsP) without getting in each other's way.  

FirstSpirit, the right choice for:

  • Best User & Customer Experience
  • Internationalization: Multichannel, Multilanguage, Multibrand, Multisite projects
  • Best-of-breed integrations in CRM, MAM, PIM, e-commerce
  • Integration into your existing IT landscape
  • Enterprise Projects

Our services for your FirstSpirit project:


  • Conception and creation of global corporate websites
  • web experience management
  • Portals, intranets and extranets
  • Conception of an optimal customer and user experience
  • Optimization for mobile devices
  • Device Independent Omnichannel Experience 
  • Planning and implementation of marketing automation, personalization and targeting
  • Conception of sustainable customer journey strategies


  • Consulting and planning of the future architecture
  • Consulting and planning of your Content-as-a-Service (CaaS) architecture
  • Introduction of standardized development processes
  • Integration into existing systems and architectures
  • Integration into your existing landscape, e.g. CRM, e-commerce, PIM and MAM
  • Definition of interfaces
  • Planning of the database architecture


  • Technical analysis and conception
  • Modular implementation and realisation
  • Training and coaching of editors and developers
  • Module development for special requirements
  • Implementation of marketing automation, personalization and targeting
  • Development of interfaces
  • Quality Management and Refactoring  

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