Project Management

Project Management (PM) includes all stages of a product or service delivery. The methods and tools of project management are standardized.
The individual project phases of a project are Plan (project definition, project planning), Build (project execution and continuous control) and Run (project acceptance and transfer into operation).
The definition of a project is: it is new content with a predetermined, ending life cycle.

Project management also consists of reporting to stakeholders, possibly customers, the project team and adjacent affected departments of the company.
The project manager requisitions necessary resources for the duration of the project from the individual departments or organizations necessary to fulfill the project. Over the course of the project, the project manager therefore also has rights of instruction and duties of care towards the team members. The project manager is responsible for the time, resources, objectives and reporting of a defined project to the project sponsors.

We at asioso have several project managers who are IPMA / GPM certified. Our focus is project management in creative and technical digitisation projects.

We implement projects with different methodologies. From waterfall models to agile implementation with SCRUM or KANBAN. The choice of methodology depends on the project content and the organization of our client.


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