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Pimcore digital agency from Munich and Bielefeld

asioso is a  digital agency from Munich  with branch  in  Bielefeld 

As a long-standing and experienced digitization partner, we are specialized in project realizations with (AmPnBsP), Pimcore (AmPnBsP), (AmPnBsP) and others;

Pimcore facilitates the management and integration of content. With the open source single source publishing system, content can be published device-independent (AmPnBsP) and thus customers can be addressed via different channels. Thanks to the existing personalization functions, you can address the right target group with the right content. Pimcore makes it easy to create international websites and to adapt them to the country specifics.

Complex product information as well as price structures, different product availabilities and variants, sophisticated product searches and configurator functions: All this is possible with Pimcore. Pimcore is a common platform for content and e-commerce. The open source platform combines CMS, Product Information Management (PIM), Data Asset Management (DAM) and e-commerce functions.

As a Pimcore Gold Partner we have already been able to successfully implement many projects  

Our portfolio: 

  • Strategy, Consulting
  • UX Concept, UX Design,
  • Development
  • Hosting and Managed Services 

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