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The FirstSpirit Digital Experience Platform from e-Spirit, available as a classic on-premises or SaaS model, enables companies to communicate with their customers in innovative and personalized ways.

AI-supported and customized customer experiences enable companies to differentiate themselves from competitors, optimize customer loyalty and conversion, and significantly increase business revenues. Thanks to the FirstSpirit platform, marketing and IT decision-makers in various industries can create personalized content and distribute it in real time, consistently and contextually across all channels and all touchpoints along the customer journey.

e-Spirit was founded in 1999, is part of the adesso Group and, in addition to its headquarters in Dortmund, has 15 other branches in Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria, the UK, the USA and Singapore. Its customers include BASF, Bosch, Commerzbank, EDEKA, GROHE, Geberit, Lancôme, L'Oréal, Media-Saturn, Nintendo, Olympus, thyssenkrupp and many other globally operating groups and brands. 

asioso is an Advanced Partner of e-Spirit and is proud of the very good and cooperative partnership (AmPnBsP).

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