E-Commerce Search Engine

Doofinder is a search engine that specializes in product search and  enhances the search experience of customers and online sales.

Doofinder offers the following functions:

  • Autocomplete
    The Doofinder delivers results so fast that you can find the product you want without leaving the homepage.
  • Custom Results
    You can add pre-defined results for any search term. This way you can offer your users the most interesting products for your business strategy.
  • Facetted Navigation
    Enables your users to refine their product search with filters and attributes such as price, color, size, brand, etc.
  • Boosting
    Manage your search algorithm to give more relevance and weight to the products you are more interested in selling
  • Banners and promotions
    With Doofinder you can display banners and promotions that are linked to specific search terms. Display the most relevant promotion depending on your search.
  • Real Time Statistics
    Use Doofinder Statistics to analyze search queries and increase the conversion of your business's search engine.
  • Geolocalized search
    Use your user's geolocalization to optimize the results.
  • Synonyms
    Create equivalences between different search terms. Words that are linked as synonyms give the same results.


Click here for more information about Doofinder. We have also developed a Pimcore Doofinder module that allows you to easily integrate Doofinder into Pimcore.

If you have further questions about Doofinder, don't hesitate to contact us.

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