CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management.

In CRM, all customer data and relationships are recorded with the aim of deepening customer loyalty. Consistent customer orientation is seen as a key instrument for business success. All customer data is recorded as a basis, whether personal, personal or business data. Based on this documentation, data analysis is carried out to sharpen the customer orientation and thus bind the customer more closely to the company.

CRM not only enables a deeper understanding of the customer in general, but also helps to better understand the direct customer. This understanding enables a better customer approach on a personal level as well as a better understanding of their needs.
This knowledge helps the company to design the sales process in a more targeted way, localize cross-selling potential and turn customer migration into customer loyalty. Note: The acquisition of new customers is five times more expensive for a company than the investment in customer care.

Nowadays it is essential to link the digital channels and CRM. asioso is happy to support you in this.

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