MAM / DAM - Digital and Media Asset Management

Both MAM and DAM are content management systems and therefore also content management systems.

MAM is the shortening of media asset management.
The MAM is the system for the medialen workflow, that is the administration of videos, audio files PDFs, sketches, drawings etc.
A MAM system was traditionally the heart of the video or audio workflow. It is the central organ of the audio-visual production chain (AV) for the central provision of all existing information for further processing by the marketing and editorial departments.

DAM in turn stands for Digital Asset Management.
DAM focuses on the brands of a company, i.e. it manages brand-related content and the possibilities for reuse within the company or project. This data (marketing materials, product materials, logos) is mostly marketing, sales, and other publications. The latter asset management system for libraries focuses on the storage and retrieval of content that can be classified as historical.
Thus, DAM can be understood as an archive system and content desk into which all legacy information in writing and images/photos is fed. This information can then be structured and retrieved as contemporary information at any time.

In fact, the boundaries between MAM and DAM are very blurred nowadays. The main difference is still the better AV processing in the AM system.

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