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asioso network late reading KW39/2017: Customer Experience, Microservices, Content Quality ...

Augmented Reality as well as Transparency characterized the week of 25.09.2017 -  10.10.2017. We have researched some interesting contributions for you and compiled them here.

Microservices under observation,3331618

Transparency: A New Ingredient in Customer Experience

Assessing content quality more easily: Use this checklist to check content for success factors

Study: Transformation in the construction industry challenges business models

Voice control is becoming increasingly important control-wins more and more importance

The Future of Content: How to Satisfy Future Audiences

Digitalization is often not given enough attention often given too little attention-10376

Clothing is getting smart: Google and Levi's are now selling the first tech jacket

Augmented Reality: Will the smartphone bring the breakthrough?

asioso Net late reading: Outstanding quality. Not too sweet, not too dry and easily digestible. Something for everyone.

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