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e-Spirit devcondigital 2020 will take place and asioso will be there

The e-Spirit devcon digital 2020 will take place virtually for the fir...

08. June 2020.


The Online Focus Conference Marketing 2020 has come to a successful end

An interesting and instructive week full of exciting presentations ...

02. June 2020.


asioso develops DeepL QuickTranslate for Pimcore

With our tool you can easily and quickly translate languages with the ...

26. May 2020.


asioso at the Daily Trendtalk

"The digitalization of the working world is currently accelerating rap...

11. May 2020.


asioso is again sponsor and co-organiser of the Online Focus Conference MARKETING

After the great success of the Fokus Online Conference Marketing in No...

21. April 2020.


asioso supports Munich schools

asioso supports Munich schools in the introduction and use of home sch...

15. April 2020.


asioso is sponsor at the devcon Q1 2020

Meet asioso at devcon Q1 2020 from e-Spirit There are many exciting to...

04. February 2020.


asioso develops Pimcore Bundle for PAYONE

With this versatile bundle module for PAYONE a multitude of different ...

29. January 2020.


asioso creates Nutch module for Elasticsearch 6

With our highly modern and versatile search engine module Elasticsearc...

22. January 2020.