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The world of social media: How to reach Generation Z on platforms such as TikTok, Instagram and Snapchat

In today's digital era, social media plays a central role in the lives...

07. November 2023.


The integration of AR and VR apps in e-commerce

In Part 1 of our article, we looked at the evolution of AR and VR apps...

24. October 2023.


Interactive brand experiences of the future

In an increasingly digitized world, augmented reality (AR) and virtual...

16. October 2023.


Customer loyalty through brand loyalty

Customer loyalty is a key factor in the long-term success of a company...

04. October 2023.

MicrosoftTeams-image (1).png

The Importance of a Consistent Brand Presence

The Consistency of Brand Presence across Different Marketing Channels ...

27. September 2023.


Brand Positioning: The Key to Success in the Market

In today's highly competitive business world, proper brand positioning...

21. September 2023.


Implementation of a Consistent Brand Identity

Developing a strong brand identity is just the first step. The real c...

29. August 2023.


The Importance of a Strong Brand Identity

In a highly competitive business world, a strong brand identity is ess...

23. August 2023.


The Future of Hyperpersonalization

Hyperpersonalization has already proven to be a groundbreaking trend i...

03. August 2023.